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"Jeff and Mary come every spring to our farm for a photo shoot. They make it so relaxing and enjoyable for us and our clients. They make you laugh and smile constantly which is not an easy thing to do when you are concentrating on getting that "perfect picture".  When they are finished they are so kind to bring us into their "luxurious" camper to view all the proofs while serving us refreshments and in no time they have a wonderful book of all the proofs of each horse, one copy for us and one for the client. My favorite thing about Jeff and Mary is how quickly they respond and get photos to publishers or owners when needed.  There is so much to be said for customer satisfaction and Janson Photography is a perfect 10 in our opinion!" - Rick and Laura Gault
Truck and Camper
Our philosophy for farm shoots is to - Get that great and dynamic shot, and have fun doing it!

With us, you have two people who have been on both sides of photo shoots, so we know how get great shots, how to work with animals of different ages and temperaments, and take the stress out of the session – yes, actually have a fun shoot!  We are proud of the fact that we have the reputation of combining excellent photography with great atmosphere and friendship. 

We make two to three circuits of the US each year in our RV which helps to drastically reduce expenses.  Once at your farm, we set up, do the shoot, and clients get to view their images while we are there. Many times, orders are placed right there. Farms then become one of our “Featured Farms”, with a listing on our website which gains additional exposure for you from the Jeff Janson Photography website – in 2008 our website received over 80,000 hits from 44 different countries.

Travel expenses are pro-rated among the farms on the trip. Each horse photographed is $240.  Each additional session different than the original, is $40. e.g.: liberty, under saddle, portrait, halter…  Payment is required at the time of photography. We offer a variety of enlargements from wallets to Billboard size, and images on photographic paper, canvas, and vinyl.

For more information and to see when we will be in your area, please contact Mary or Jeff at 303-693-1018 or you can email at jeff@jeffjanson.com.

Jeff Janson
Jeff was born and raised in Aurora, CO, a suburb of Denver, CO. Jeff always loved horses and cowboys, and worked as a wrangler on many ranches in Colorado and Wyoming, including the T Lazy 7 in Aspen, CO and Lost Creek in Jackson, Wyoming, near Yellowstone. Jeff was one of a handful of wranglers that pushed the Lost Creek’s herd of 75 horses to safety through the huge Yellowstone National Park wildfires in 1988. While on the ranches, his work with horses ranged from working with roping horses to starting draft teams.

Jeff graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Equine Science and Behavior, heading to a Master’s degree in Embryo Transfer. He always had a creative and artistic side, and filled his college electives with any art class available, from charcoals to watercolors. While at CSU, Jeff attended a seminar given by Scott Trees. That summer, Jeff interned with Scott and a photographic career was born.

Jeff has been the official photographer at the AHA US Nationals, AHA Canadian Nationals, AHA Youth Nationals, The Snaffle Bit Futurities and countless AHA Regional Championships. He has photographed all breeds, from miniature spotted asses to World Champion Percherons.

He has a Fine Art collection which has received many national and international awards, and has many of his Fine Art prints in the National Loan Collection. One print, titled “Snow Stampede” has not only won National Loan Collection status, but also the prestigious Fuji Masterpiece Award, only awarded to five images in North America.

Another area of expertise little known to the horse world is his company, Alpine Photography. This company deals with the very technical side of high end commercial photography. This consists of the imaging of precious stones, custom jewelry, furs, sculptures, and private collection 1800 era oil paintings.  Jeff is also known for his work with fashion models and photographing haute couture clothing, architectural interiors and custom built homes.

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